Magnus Larsson

Bedrum is a classic drum machine for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Features: easy and "quick to use" interface; multi patterns; save/load patterns; 8 drum channels; 16 step programmable pattern sequencer; 8 different drumsets; 16-bit stereo drum samples

Creation - Gig Bundle
Creation - Gig Bundle is a package full of fun for creating music with your iPhone and iPod Touch. The bundle contains three of the top selling music apps from Magnick Software: Bedrum, DigiDrummer & Destiny.

Destiny is not 'just another piano toy.' It's a 'Digital Wave Micro Synth.' Destiny also features a complete drumkit to play around with. Features: 8 different sound patches to choose from; 16-bit high quality sounds; recording/playback functions; sliding ...

Big brother of DigiDrummer Micro and more expensive sibling of its Lite version.

DigiDrummer Lite
The DigiDrummer Lite turns the screen of your iPod Touch or iPhone into a virtual drum pad. Aside from just recording and playing back your own beats, DigiDrummer Lite also includes the ability to play along with your own music ...

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