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Advanced Spotify Search
"Advanced Search for Spotify-Users Possible to add several search-tags Categories: * Artist * Album * Track * Year * Genre Attributes: * AND * NOT * OR If Spotify is Not started, there might be a small delay first Search, depending on "Offline Mode", Just back out of ...

Sick of Spotify radio that has no relevance to your tastes? Simply open Spotify and enter an artist in the box below to hear a radio station that you'll love. Love or hate songs to make your station more ...

"Macify is a simple Spotify remote control for Apple computers. Configuring Macify is a breeze! Simply enable “Remote Login” in the Sharing pane of System Preferences on your computer. No server is needed! Enjoy!"

Remotify Lite
"Remotify, Remote Desktop Spotify from Android phone! With Remotify, remote desktop Spotify from your android and enjoy around your home and avoid going back and forth to your desktop. Remotify Lite allows you to manage audio, play, pause, the transition ...

"ReSpot - a Spotify Remote control. The most feature rich remote for Spotify! Spotify Premium required! Features: Playback controls Playlists Cover Art Starred Tracks Search Shuffle/repeat ...and more! A server process called 'Servify' is required. Read more @ http://h3x.se ...

Simplify is the simplest way to control Spotify. Are you always listening to the music through Spotify? Tired of switching to the main Spotify window? Install Simplify and know what's playing, switch and seek tracks, control sound volume with ...

Spotget - Spotify remote
Spotget - a Spotify app/widget that remote controls Spotify on your Windows PC. • Play/pause • Next/previous track • Volume 'Spotget / Voddget server' has to be installed on the PC.

Spotify Controller
"Spotify Control lets you control the real Spotify UI on your computer. Now supports BOTH Windows and Linux. If upgrading, PLEASE upgrade the server software as well! Spotify Controller lets you control the official Spotify user interface. No other app ...

Spotify Controller Donate
"This is the donate key for Spotify Controller. By installing this: * you show your appreciation for Spotify Controller. * ads are removed from Spotify Controller. IMPORTANT: Install Spotify Controller first. NOTE: If you uninstall this program, ads will come back in ...

Spotify Remote
"This is an alpha version. Please report bugs on the website. Remote control spotify over a wireless network. Multiple users can control one player. Track and artist names are shown as well as album art."

"Control Spotify on your PC with Spotimote ! (requires the installation of Spotimote server on your PC : http://www.evolu-on.com) Features : - Control Spotify : play/pause, next/previous track, volume, shuffle, repeat, track pos - Access Spotify database and search for tracks ...


(Shazam) RED has the same enhanced feature set, slick design and user interface as Shazam Encore (see link). This includes unlimited tagging, music recommendations and access to music charts, as well as a dedicated tab that links to the (RED ...

Search For Music By Drawing a Picture of It

From the "Because You Can, That's Why" department comes a web app from Music Hack Day Montreal that lets you draw a line by dragging dots around on a nice-looking graph, indicating the loudness (basically, volume level) of the ...


This app can also link up with your Last.fm account to create Spotify playlists using those preferences.

Spotify Mac Remote

With this app installed, you can use the little white remote control that came with your MacBook Pro to control Spotify playback from across the room.


“Spo.tl is kind of like a URL shortener. If you have a URL from Spotify, the album’s website doesn’t look so good — it’s just a black page. This actually shows you the album, so you can ...


Last.fm + Spotify bundled into goodness

Tell us a Last.fm username. We'll give you back Spotify playlists with live updated recent tracks, user favorites, similar profiles and direct links to artists.

Stalkify makes your tracks from Last.fm ...

Metafy for Spotify


Now you can control Spotify right from the menu bar. SpotBar puts the currently playing song and album art in a convenient, attractive window that lets you play, pause and skip tracks effortlessly.


(Read the full review.)


* Launching for free. Get it while it's hot. *

* (Requires a Spotify Premium account) *

SpotON Radio is the most beautiful and elegant way to enjoy music:

  • Create Personal Radio Stations based on artists you love
  • Uses the amazing music matching ...



Tuneefy unifies various online music streaming services to provide you with a fast and easy way to search for your favorite tunes and share them around you.

Let's say you use Spotify and your friends use other music platforms ...

SpotIn - Spotify Plugin

Please read the instructions, watch the video or feel free to email me for help.

Want to play your discovered music in Spotify mobile? Got SoundHound? Hate typing and flipping back and forth between the apps? This app eliminates the ...



You want to listen to some music, but you can't quite think of what...? With Spotilicious you just select the genres you want to listen to, and it will pick random tracks for you in those specific genres.

Do ...


Send your Spotify playlists to Grooveshark.

Step 1: Login to connect your Grooveshark account.

Step 2: Open your playlist in Spotify, Select all of the songs (Ctrl+A or Apple+A), Right-click and select "Copy HTTP Link," Paste in the ...

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