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Cruise Control

When it comes to apps that blow up your display for a safer music experience in the car, Cruise Control offers one of the least flexible options we’ve seen, especially compared to one of our favored apps in this ...

Listen to This


ListenToThis brings you brand new music from upcoming, alternative, and interesting artists every day.


Stay ahead of the curve on new music trends with our daily chosen track, and share the songs you love with your friends on Facebook.


A ...


in:play is a revolutionary new kind of music player with a unique navigation system and a powerful, intuitive gesture-based interface. in:play's 'Deep Context' navigation system lets you quickly find and play the music you want.


With in ...


VoxBox is an application where you can easily record, share, and collaborate on audio files.


With VoxBox you can create new recordings or overdub (record over files) from your phone's music library or from uploaded files from the VoxBox ...

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