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RelativePitch Lite

You’ve always wanted to have a deeper understanding of music. You admire other musicians who can improvise and compose, or singers who can effortlessly find the harmony to a song. Interval training can help you achieve all of that ...

Step and a Half: Melody Training

● I can sing it but I can't play it!

● I can't figure out that guitar solo....

● I wish I could play by ear like that!

Sound familiar? It's frustrating when you know how a tune's supposed ...

Step and a Half: First Steps

Learn to figure out tunes... by playing a game!

Are you ready to take your first steps towards:

● Playing by ear,

● Improvising,

● and understanding music better?

Step and a Half: First Steps is a free introductory course to teach you ...

Chordelia: Triad Tutor

• Do you sometimes struggle to tell which chords in a song are major or minor?

• Have you heard about chord inversions, but don't know what they are, or how to tell them apart by ear?

• Are you looking for ...

Chordelia: Seventh Heaven

Ready to take your chord skills to the next level?

Whether you're a song writer, guitar player, jazz musician, or any other kind of music lover, Chordelia: Seventh Heaven will give you the vital skills you need to use ...



Learn to recognize all the intervals of the octave in their ascending, descending and harmonic forms using high quality piano and guitar sounds. A series of lessons and training sessions leads you gradually through learning them, and interactive tests let ...

Bionic Ears

Finally, serious ear training for serious music students.

If you've ever been frustrated that hours of ear training with a computer doesn't translate to results on the bandstand, this app is for you.

Stick your iPhone, iPod touch ...

Musical Ears

Musical Ears is music ear training App to feed absolute pitch or relative pitch. Musical Ears is music ear training App to feed perfect pitch or relative pitch. A sense of pitch may grow if you play successively. - Single Lesson ...

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