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Pickup Track
This App plays tracks in your iPod library one after another like music chart. For you. Who feel five minutes tracks long, want to listen to only digests. Who want to overview stored-up library. Who want to check newly released ...


Player+ is a easy to use music player with advanced special features.

Play songs from your iPod music library and adjust bass, mids and highs in real-time using Player+ high quality equalizer controls.

When changing tracks, Player+ always cross-fade songs ...

Playa Control for Winamp(R)

Fully control Winamp(R) over WLAN. Access to playlist and Media Library

Access your playlist and Media-Library.

  • Search and browse your Media Libray by albums, artists and playlists.
  • Enqueue new songs to playlist from your phone.
  • Switch to saved playlist ...

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