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My Artists
This is the full version; the "lite" version is free.

My Artists Lite
This is the "lite" version, which is free; the full version costs $2.

Shows makes sure you don't miss your favorite artists in concert. It stays in sync with your iPod artists and even sends you push notifications when they announce new gigs near you! FEATURES: Seamless syncing with your iPod library ...

Album Scout

A great app that satisfies your hunger to find new music. Works great for music fans who are consistently on the go.



A gig finder, and last.fm scrobbler — with a difference.
-Connect to your last.fm account and scrobbles any track or album
- Find local gigs and last.fm recommended events
- View venue maps and add venue information to your Address ...

Reemote for Airfoil

Reemote for Airfoil allows you to control your Airfoil installation using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Volume control for each speaker
- Master volume control
- Activate/Deactivate individual speakers
- Airfoil source selection
- Built-in Last.fm remote 
- Built-in iTunes remote
- Built-in ...

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