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In a nod to the early 1990s, we made a JavaScript music quiz. It's based on your Last.fm profile (more specifically, your scrobbles) to find our how much you really know about the artists you listen to. Each ...

Music Monsters

Shows you your monster based upon your listening habits. The Echo Nest: to get the acoustic analysis of the track (/song/search). The tempo controls the movement of the monster and the mode (major/minor) controls the background image.


This hack scratches my own itch. I recently got an electric piano for my flat, so I've increasingly been inviting musical friends over for impromptu jam sessions. Unfortunately, they usually begin with fifteen minutes of wondering "what songs should ...


What's in a key? Are you a major or a minor person? Are there keys that define your music taste or are there no patterns at all? I've always been mildly curious about questions like this, so when ...


DiscoverOMatic allows you to discover new artists and tracks while listening to the radio or even your own collection. Simply select the radio station you're currently listening to (currently on BBC brands supported) and we'll do the rest ...


Last.fm + Spotify bundled into goodness

Tell us a Last.fm username. We'll give you back Spotify playlists with live updated recent tracks, user favorites, similar profiles and direct links to artists.

Stalkify makes your tracks from Last.fm ...


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Tuneefy unifies various online music streaming services to provide you with a fast and easy way to search for your favorite tunes and share them around you.

Let's say you use Spotify and your friends use other music platforms ...


Toma.hk is a universal embeddable music player. Anyone can create a widget to put in their page without having to know specific song links or music service APIs… they just need the name of the artist and song and ...


Lystener shows you the lyrics you're listening to now and easily lets you share them on Twitter and Facebook by simply selecting them.


Guitaryst shows you the guitar tab to the song you're listening to now, and scrolls the tab to the timing of the song.

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