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Listen to Grooveshark on your Android device for free.

  • Search the Grooveshark database
  • Import Grooveshark playlists
  • Play individual songs or an entire playlist
  • Cache songs for offline playback

Does NOT require Adobe Flash to play music (Settings -> Use Flash Player ...

GrooveIn - Grooveshark Plugin

Please read the instructions, watch the video or feel free to email me for help.

Want to play your discovered music in Grooveshark mobile? Got Shazam or SoundHound? Hate typing and flipping back and forth between the apps? This app ...


Send your Spotify playlists to Grooveshark.

Step 1: Login to connect your Grooveshark account.

Step 2: Open your playlist in Spotify, Select all of the songs (Ctrl+A or Apple+A), Right-click and select "Copy HTTP Link," Paste in the ...


Serenade is the best way to share songs you’re listening on your iPod™ with your friends. With a tap, you can send the song you’re currently listening on Twitter, via email, via SMS or copy the song information ...

Musicality - Last.fm, Grooveshark and more

Musicality makes online music services like Pandora, Last.fm, and Grooveshark just as easy and powerful as iTunes. If you love music, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

• Take control with the media keys, keyboard shortcuts, and ...

Song Seeker


Song Seeker is an automatic playlist creator. Based on the artists that you like (and other configurations like Mood, Tempo, etc.), it creates a playlist with songs that it believes that you will enjoy. To hear it, you can export ...



This is an app for all music-lovers out there.

Listen to unlimited music for free.

Make your own playlist or log in to your GrooveShark account and get your playlists from there.

With functions like:

  • Eqlualizer
  • Visualizer
  • Off-line mode (Cacheing ...

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