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Concert Vault for iPad

Concert Vault for iPad brings you something that you truly cannot find anywhere else: the world's greatest collection of exclusive live concert audio and video from the '50s to the present day, all available for high quality streaming to ...

Couch Music Player


Instantly create as many dynamic playlists as you like and turn your iPad into the ultimate multi-user juke box. Couch Player is the music playback app your iPad has been crying out for, and brings incredible new levels of personalization ...


- High-end virtual vinyl player

- Realistic turntable physics modeling

- Adjustable sound effects


The Retronic 9000 is the ultimate virtual vinyl player for the iPad. With an adjustable retronics filter and realistic physics modeling it lets you go back in time to ...

AppleTV AirPlay Media Player

Please start with updating your AppleTV to the latest iOS version!

Just bought your AppleTV or already have one at home? Well, with this app you can unleash the power of your AppleTV with your Android phone. Just like folks ...


DISCLAIMER: Due to its advanced graphics Ecclesia does not work on the first generation iPad.

Ecclesia is an audiovisual iPad app created by electronic music artist Forss in collaboration with ( and designer Leonhard Lass (http ...

Open Goldberg Variations

See full review.

Vinyl Tap


Ever have a hankering for the good old days? 

Remember the joy you felt when you pulled out that beautiful, black record from its sleeve and placed it gently on to your player, listened for that comforting crackle of the ...

Track 8

BandMate: Concert Tipster HD

BandMate recommends live music events based on what you listen to. Find out when your favorite band is playing and, better yet, when your next favorite band is playing!

BandMate also let's you know when the bands you'll ...


Remofy offers unprecedented listening experience to Spotify Premium users. You can control your Spotify playlists from the comfort of you couch, bed or jacuzzi. With Remofy's unique user interface you can easily discover music in Spotify by searching and ...

DENON DJ engine

“engine” for iPad is made exclusively for use with Denon DJ “engine Ready” products for fast and convenient searching of your stored music. Using your iPad you can use the Narrow-down field search to quickly locate tracks stored on a ...


MPme won the Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation category at Midem, the world’s largest music industry trade forum held in Cannes.


Download a FREE special issue of SPIN Play that's tied to our meticulously curated list of the Top 40 Albums of 2011. Between December 22 and January 5, anyone can download this free issue and get immediate access to ...

Taglists by Eye-C

Play mixed playlists from YouTube, SoundCloud & more on your phone, TV & stereo.

Called "automagical" by Gizmodo, Taglists™ lets you create and share playlists that mix free music, videos, and photos from multiple places, including Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, and SoundCloud.

- Create ...


Music+ is an elegant and powerful music player, designed for touch. Using flicks, swipes, and taps, control your music easier than ever before!


Music+ is a Top Music app Worldwide! See what critics and users are raving about.

"Don't ...


NavMusic, developed by Justin Pashley because he “found the bundled iPod application a little hard to control when driving,” provides only a little improvement over Apple’s iPod app.

Essentially, this app is just a white-on-black version of the native ...

Music Car Control

The primary focus of most apps designed for in-car listening is to optimize playback controls for safer operation.

Many stop short of considering the less life-threatening but also irksome issues that one encounters on the road — like highway noise. Music ...

VinylLove for iPad

Digital music is too easy for people to focus on it properly, according to the creators of the VinylLove iPad app, pictured above, which they claim restores key attributes of the vinyl age: digging through crates to find an album ...


Tune Drop

Forget spending hours creating playlists for your next gathering – just fill up your your iPad with music, connect it to the stereo and let your friends pick what they want to hear. Easy.


  • accesses your iPod music library
  • fun ...

Song Exporter Pro

Song Exporter Pro lets you transfer via Wi-Fi the songs you have in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to any computer in your network. No iTunes required.

Now you can backup your songs, share them with your friends and ...

djay for iPad

Anyone can plug a music player into speakers and queue up songs. Those people are not DJs.

Even at the most basic level, a DJ must maintain a flow between songs, which is not just about choosing the perfect tracks ...

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