Tilt Track


by Brent Landreth


Evolver Review

Tilt Track taps into your iPhone’s accelerometer to offer a novel way to control playback while keeping two eyes and at least one hand on the wheel.

Skipping ahead starts the next track from the beginning, and switching back to the previous track queues it up where you left off, alleviating concerns that a poorly placed pothole could cut your favorite jam short —  a nice touch.

And if the tilt controls get to be too much, you can turn them off in favor of swipe or tap functions within the app.

A slight bummer: closing out of the app also means killing whatever you were listening to, so you’ll have to re-select new music if you restart.

evolver.fm review by Connor McKnight

Publisher's Description

Tilt Track - Ever wish that you could control the music on your IPhone or IPod Touch without looking at the device? Now you can! With Tilt Track you can simply tilt the device to the right to change to the next track, tilt it to the left to go to the beginning of the song or to the previous song, Tilt it towards you to pause tilt it away from you to play.

If your in a situation where you tilt function isn’t usable you can simply disable it and control the device by either swipe or touching the device around the edges of the screen.

Do you find yourself playing the same song over and over again several times. Tilt Track has a single song repeat mode that will continuously repeat the same song until you decide you are tired of it!

Play -- Tilt Up, Touch Top of Screen, Swipe up
Pause -- Tilt Down, Touch Bottom of Screen,
Swipe down
Next Track -- Tilt Right, Touch lower right Side
of Screen, Swipe Right
Previous Track / Beginning of Song -- Tilt Left,
Touch lower left Side of Screen, Swipe Left
(after song has played 4 seconds)
Volume up -- Touch upper Right Side of Screen
Volume Down -- Touch upper Left Side of
Random Play - Off / On
Repeat -- Off / Single / All
Tilt -- Off / On
Playlist -- Audio Selection

Download For

Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.99 None
free version excludes random play and repeat track features

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