by Ryan Dillon


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theDrumDictionary is the perfect reference tool for drummers of any age or experience. Now on iPad. With theDrumDictionary, you can look up any of the standard 40 drum rudiments as well as a variety of full drum set beats in many different styles. For each of the entries, there is audio and notation, with the ability to loop for play-along practice. Perfect for beginners who want a way to learn the basics as well as a quick reference for even the most experienced player. For those using theDrumDictionary as a practice tool, version 2.0 includes features so drummers can track their practice time spent on any rudiment or beat: track total time spent practicing, as well as the date of the last practice. theDrumDictionary is also great for non-drummers who are interested in knowing a little about drums: band leaders who want to communicate better with their drummer, musicians who want to program realistic drum parts in their songs, and the list goes on...

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