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Missing Artwork, wrong Song Title or Artist Name...? Fix it on the spot with tagBay.

Edit song titles, add missing information, search online for covers and lyrics... tagBay stores the changes and automatically updates your library with the help of tagBay Mac Edition (free). All that it takes is a pull to refresh.

tagBay comes with an embedded BPM tapper. Tap along the beat & update on one go.

------Requires Mac Computer-------


- Edit the Song Title, Album, Artist, Year, BPM … straight on your iDevice

- Search for Artwork & Lyrics on-line

- Update Artwork with Images from the Photo Library

- Copy & paste enabled on all fields (also Artwork!)

- Undo

- Embedded BPM Tapper. Tap along the beat to calculate and update the value.

- Apply changes to Mac with a simple Pull to Refresh (requires Wifi)

- Decide when to sync with computers (iPhone Settings Page)

- My Devices: Decide who connects to your computer (MacEdition)

- Only devices connected to iTunes are allowed to sync


Why tagBay?

If you're reading this, you're probably like us and have been working on your digital music collection for years. Tracks come from different sources (iTunes, own cd and vinyl rips ...) and not always labelled properly.

The purpose of tagBay is to allow you to fix them when you see it, which very often is on the iPhone.

Why wait till you get back to your computer to fix that "Track 06" you just noticed? Do it now, and forget. Easy as that.

Hot song in an album you're listening for the first time? Now you can Edit comments and write "add to the work out playlist". Or search online & add the lyrics.

Because we want it to be easy, there is no preparation work for you. tagBay will be able to edit tags for the songs which are in your iPhone library.

Clipboard functions are enabled on all fields. Multiple tracks in an Album are missing the album name? Type once, paste in the rest. Artwork missing? Use the online search function and paste images back from Safari.

Do you use the BPM tag? Tap along the beat and update in one go, without leaving tagBay.

Once you get back to your Mac (sorry Windows users), pull to refresh and your iTunes library will be updated. 

That's it, that's why. Because we want to edit tags straight on the iPhone.

Download For

Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $1.99 None
For tagBay to work properly, it's necessary to download the free desktop software for Mac, which you can find here: http://www.tagbay.net/

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