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Millions of music fans love the SoundTracking app and are sharing what they're listening to! It's the best way to tag, share and discover music, together with friends and followers. 

Right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can share the soundtrack of your life by adding photos and captions to your songs, and by dedicating songs to your friends and followers. 

With instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, SoundTracking also lets you share your favorite songs and music moments in a beautiful visual way with all of your friends and family.


★ Free, unlimited and super-fast song identification and tagging

★ Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, email and SMS

★ Lightning-fast song search and auto-detection of what's playing on your device

★ Discover and listen to songs shared by friends, and then download them on iTunes.

★ Add your own photos and captions to your favorite songs and share music moments with friends and family

★ Dedicate songs to friends, followers and fans using the all-new song name-tagging feature.

★ Follow other music fans, DJs, bands, and celebrities and learn about new songs and artists.

★ Give and receive likes, loves and comments to friends and their music moments.

★ See what music is trending in your own neighborhood and around the world

★ Facebook users: share music moments easily into your Facebook Timeline

★ Twitter users: share your jams into Twitter and your followers can view and play them inside the tweet

★ Foursquare users: tag songs with a venue check-in and friends can view and play them inside the check-in

★ Automatically get your very own social music profile at

★ Every day, we'll find and hand-pick a cool new song for you to check out. We'll pick songs from both popular and emerging bands       and artists. 

★ We'll alert you when it's available in the app and then you can listen to the entire song for free! 

★ After listening, you can share the song with friends, watch the music video, or get the whole album!

Works really well with the iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad.


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