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Robick is an audio player for listening to music deeply.

Repeat playback , change key and tempo with wheel interface and you can control visually.



Robick can repeat the selected point of the music many times and play with all keys.

This is a tool helping with music dictation, transcribe and arrangement.


Twirl black doughnut shape on the screen with finger for control.


Play fast music slowly.

Confirm a chord with various keys.

Study a lick and a sound, for example, robick helps learning Jazz.


This app imports tracks from iPod library.





- Repeat playback 

Repeat part of track (A-B repeat).

And it is easy to move a play position by wheel operation.


- Display simple waveform 

Display simple waveform of the track on one screen.

It shows the rough position of the track.


- Key and pitch control

Change key and pitch without affecting tempo(speed). 

Range of key: -12 to +12 semitones


- Tempo control

Change tempo without affecting pitch.

Range of tempo: 50 to 150 %


- Equalizer

This player has 3 band equalizer.


- Reverse playback

Reverse the playback direction of a track.


- Continuous playback


- Playlist function


- Export function

You can export a track with custom key/pitch/tempo/EQ.

* Export function does not support iPhone 3G.

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