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Sight reading rhythms can be very confusing, especially with syncopations and rests. This app gives you a solid basis for a good rhythmic feel. By tapping the presented exercises separately from your instrument, you will develop rhythmic skills much faster. Complete all the exercises and you will find it easier to get the rhythm right in any piece of music. Features Exercises in 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 7/8 and 9/8 time. Each exercise can be played by the device at different speeds so that you can hear how it should sound and get the right rhythmic feel. Rhythms are played with slight subaccents to emphasize note groups. Practice mode: you can tap along while the device is playing the rhythm and you get visual/audio feedback of the rhythmic performance. Repeat an exercise before testing until you get your timing exactly right. More than 200 fixed exercises; the more difficult ones include rests, ties, syncopations, duplets, triplets, quadruplets and swing eighths (on iPad 100 longer exercises, because two iPhone-exercises are combined into one due to the larger screen, see screenshots). Extra exercises for 4/4 and 6/8 time via a random generator (thousands of different exercises). Nine difficulty levels, including a level for absolute beginners and a level to get experience with written music that violates the imaginary barline rule (which happens sometimes). Plus a random generator for swing eigthts. Ear training function to help advanced students in rhythmic dictation. Listen to the rhythm and try to figure out how the written rhythm should look like. Classical (but accurate) metronome with speed of 20 - 240 beats per minute with optional upbeat sound. Sounds for the tap and the beat can be switched off/on individually. No latency, tap delay < 0.01 seconds. Accuracy of the metronome not affected by taps. Nr of intro beats can be set to the number of bar beats; useful for faster tempos. Optional beat numbers in the staff to clarify the relationship between the rhythm and the beat. Progress indicators for each exercise. A level is completed if a 100% score is attained, i.e. all notes tapped on time, no redundant taps, and tapped at a prescribed speed. The tap accuracy is also measured in seconds (as the deviation from the "perfect" tap) and the best time is stored for each exercise. Expert mode sets a higher default tempo for the exercises plus you have to be more accurate for a tap to be approved. Expert mode has its own set of best times per exercise, making the completion of the exercises a whole new challenge. The best times for random exercises are not saved. However, you can improve yourself as long as the random exercise is on the screen. Your tapped notes are shown in the staff after a test. Colors: red = too early, blue = too late, green = accurate within 0.01 secs. You can train yourself to hold tied notes and to play legato by setting the "Note duration" option. You can set a bass or piano sound to actually hear a longer note while holding the tap button. Optional beat-counting voice function. Left handed tapping support. For left handed people and those who want to use the app for improving the coordination of the left hand fingers. Mail function: you can send your 100% score or a list of completed exercises to your music teacher/others. Four orientation options: automatic, locked portrait, locked landscape left and locked landscape right. iPhone4 Retina HD display support. Multitasking support. Universal app, iOS 4.3 tested.

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