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Publisher's Description

Raditaz is free personalized radio for your iPhone or iPad.
- 19 million songs
- Raditaz is Free
- No advertisements
- Discover music using tags, trending and our mapping feature
- No limits on listening or the number of Stations you can create
- Over 200 professionally curated stations from Hip Hop and Pop to Country or Classic Metal
Music Intelligence //
Raditaz combines its 19 million-song catalog and the Music Map with The Echo Nest’s one-of-a-kind music intelligence platform, creating the brains behind the music. This includes understanding of artist connections, song similarity, mood, style and detailed acoustic attributes to offer users a fully personalized radio feature. We use this unique "fingerprint" to categorize and label every artist, album, and song. Ultimately giving you the very best radio experience.
Music Map //
Tap Explore and the music map will show you what Raditaz users are listening to in your specific area, at a specific location or across the country.

Trends //
Trends allow you to see music that is gaining momentum at Raditaz.
Tags //
Use tags to organize your music and to discover new music. Tag by event (birthday party, graduation, xmas party), by location (home, work, gym, school), or tag it with your favorite artists. Search your Stations or explore stations on the Map using Tags or Titles

App Features and
Options //
- Sleep Timer (up to 30 minutes)
- Pause on Background (Press Home, music will Pause and App will freeze normally)
- Resume on Foreground or Login
- Last.fm Scrobbling: Now Playing and Tracks Played
- stream Higher quality on WiFi
- configurable Music Cache to help save your data plan
- Disable Screen Lock (for Driving)
Usage Hints

- configuring an Artist Station
* to explore new songs from your Artists:
start with a mix of the more Popular Artists and tweak the popularity mix of Songs
* if songs from your favorite Artist don’t show up often, tweak Artist popularity:
- increase the Artist Popularity mix if your artist is Popular
- decrease the Artist Popularity mix if your artist is Obscure or Indie
- configuring a Song Station
* if your songs are Top Hits, keep the Song Popularity mix toward Chart Toppers
* if your songs are obscure, turn the Song Popularity mix toward more obscure or rare (Surprise Me)
* for more songs by Artists on a Song Station, 
tweak Artist Popularity toward more Popular or Obscure based on the station’s Songs
- if you find Raditaz is changing stations on you and you don't want it to:
* go to Menu -> Autoplay
* turn Autoplay to OFF
- if you want to clear the Music Cache:
* go to Menu -> Settings
* turn Cache Percent to 0; you may immediately turn it back up again.
- if you want the app to pause when you press Home:
* go to Menu -> Settings
* turn Pause on Background to ON
* all apps "background" when the Screen Locks so turn Disable Screen Lock to ON

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