Pocket Drums


by Cody Rotwein


Publisher's Description

The most features of any drum app, including 23 high-quality stereo drum kits, multi-track recording, 3 dozen unique drum loops to play along to, variable pitch control, drum rolls, double bass drumming, play to your favorite iPod music from within Pocket Drums, variable metronome with over a dozen unique sounds, 4 different drum layouts, and much more. Features: - 23 6-piece drum kits all professionally recorded in high-quality 16-bit stereo: Birch, Classic, Country, Delay, Electronic, Funk, Fusion, Indian, Japan Vintage, Jazz, Latin, Marching, Melodic, Natural, Pop, Punk, Reverb, Rock, Tribal, Vintage, Weird, Wood, and World - Multi-track recorder that allows you to save, load, loop, and play recorded tracks - Record and play on top of loaded/saved tracks - Metronome with 21 sounds to choose from and variable speed switch (BPM) - 36 Pocket Beats/Loops - Slide your finger between drums - Shake your device to play sounds to your favorite music - Repeated cymbal and drum taps blend in like real drums - Play multiple drum heads and cymbals simultaneously - Visual feedback when tapping drums and cymbals - Four layouts: Real Drums, Drum Machine, Basic, and Toms - Four Real Drums themes - Lefty Mode - reverse the layout on Real Drums, Drum Machine, and Basic - Play along with your favorite music by easily accessing your iPod music right from within Pocket Drums - Volume controls for both the drum sounds and music - Pitch control allows for unlimited drum sounds - Rolls on all drums with variable speed adjustment (BPM) - Double bass drumming with variable speed adjustment (BPM) - Runs on both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad, so you get both for the price of one - Bass drum featured is a rare Ludwig 1960s psychedelic red finish - Fun and easy to play for the drummer in all of us

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