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Playmysong - Mobile Social Jukebox App

Playmysong's mission is to make music more social in parties, homes, events and get-togethers! Our mobile social jukebox app has the following features:

1. Remote Control Mode

This mode lets you locate and use active social jukeboxes around you, such as your friend's "Friday Night Party" jukebox. Simply select the jukebox you want to start choosing songs for, pick the artist and your favorite song and press play. It's completely free! You get the best experience at parties where a social jukebox is being used and you can hear and enjoy the songs you choose, just as you would while using a traditional jukebox. It's also fun to browse active jukeboxes and play songs for others even if you're not at their party or wherever the jukebox is being hosted! They can return the favor by playing songs for you in your own social jukebox.

2. Social Jukebox Mode

This mode allows you to turn your device's local music library into a social jukebox people around you can then control with their smartphones (see: Remote control mode). Furthermore, if you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can also use your Spotify playlists to power your social jukebox. The best experience is to connect your phone or tablet to speakers in your party and give your guests the opportunity to select songs to be played from your jukebox playlist. You'll quickly see that people love the feeling of "being the DJ" with their own phones. It's also fun to launch your social jukebox while working, traveling or doing sports, and have friends surprise you with great song choices!

While you can turn your mobile phone into a social jukebox, we also have two new desktop versions that allow you to turn your desktop computers into social jukeboxes:

1. The New Feature for Windows PC users: Playmysong Winamp App!

Our Winamp application allows your to turns your Windows PC playlists into a social jukebox that you and your friends can control with our mobile app. Our Winamp app is perfect for events and parties where a Windows PC is being used to play local music files. Our Winamp app is also great for listening to music at home! Simply launch our app with your favorite playlist and use your phone or tablet as a remote control to queue up songs while in a different room from your PC. 

2. Playmysong Spotify App

Playmysong now has an application within Spotify that allows you to turn your favorite playlists into a social jukebox! Simply install the Playmysong Spotify App from the Spotify App Finder, and use this to launch a social jukebox. You and your friends can then use your mobile phones to start playing songs wirelessly! This is great for parties and get togethers if you hook your desktop computer up to some speakers and allow your guests to start choosing songs!


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