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by Aio Synergy


Publisher's Description

* Top Music charts:

USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, Israel and France.

New updated charts every week!

* Create your own YouTube videos playlists:

Simply select your favorite Music videos from YouTube search and insert them to your playlist.

Create as many playlists as you want.

* Play your playlist and the next video in it will be automatically played.

* You can use headphones to control the player, just like on the iPod.

* Backup your playlists, by exporting them to your mail.

* Share your favorite videos on Facebook.

This app is available for iPhone and iPad.

YouTube search presents only mobile supported videos.

Do not forget to rate us.

* A WiFi connection is mostly preferred.

* Performs best on iPhone 3GS or later and on iPad.

* This app requires iOS 4 and above. On the lesser version of iOS, the app crashes often.

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