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Collective action for musical projects
We want to make sure that artists have the means to carry out their projects, are you in?
Be among the first to discover projects and be rewarded

Support projects from the artists you love
Oocto is a crowdfunding platform. You help the artists funding their projects and receive exclusive value added rewards in return.
Your pledges are recorded and you are only charged if the artist achieves his goal.  

Work with artists who need your skills
Oocto is a crowdsourcing platform. You are a professional in the music industry? You have a skill that an artist may need?
On Oocto you can respond to tenders of great projects that have a real budge to work seriously!

Get involved by giving artists a hand
Oocto is also a platform for collaborative and collective action. You want to get more involved in the project of an artist that you like? Give him a hand, he will reward you. 
Thanks to Oocto the relationship artist-public really goes in both directions.  

oocto est une plateforme web d’amorçage de projets musicaux qui aide les artistes à trouver ce dont ils ont besoin pour décoller :

De l’argent : oocto est une plateforme de financement participatif (crowdfunding) qui permet aux artistes de faire appel aux internautes pour financer leurs projets.

Des compétences : oocto est également une plateforme de mise en relation (crowdsourcing) qui permet aux artistes de trouver des prestataires pro qui vont leur permettre de réaliser leur projet (exemples : studio d’enregistrement, ingénieur du son, réalisateur de clips, équipe de tournage)

Des coups de main : oocto vous connecte avec des volontaires qui ont le temps, l'intérêt et la motivation pour s’impliquer dans votre projet en vous donnant un coup de main.


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Registration is free. Users decide for themselves how much they would like to pledge to a specific project.

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