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Build simple websites for the entertainment industry with Onesheet!

You can build as many Onesheets as you want, so build one for yourself, and then build one for every project, album, movie, etc... Onesheets can be created for musicians, DJs, movies, comedians, actors, songs, albums, TV shows, and more. Get creative and build one now!

-You build a Onesheet with the music, video, photos, tweets, etc that you've already posted elsewhere. Connect as many sites as you want

-With the click of a button, you can import music or video from an array of services and have your media playable directly on your Onesheet

-Because your content is importing from all your other sites, your Onesheet stays up to date without you needing to post to it

-Grow your communities all over the web by letting users Like your FB Page and Follow you on Twitter directly from Onesheet

-Fans can leave comments directly on your Onesheet which can post to Facebook and attract new fans

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Onesheets get more control, more customization, and more data when you go Pro and subscribe for $4.99 a month.

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