Miso Music: Tuner


by Miso Media


Publisher's Description

Miso Strobe Tuner is a professional strobe tuner application for the iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch. Miso Strobe Tuner simulates the visual effect of a mechanical chromatic strobe tuner with precise accuracy.

Even if you are a beginner, Miso Strobe Tuner is designed to introduce you to the most professional style of tuning.


-POLYPHONIC TUNING: Users can see and tune multiple notes or tune one note at a time. 

-With Miso Tuner, you'll be able to see the note you're trying to tune even in a noisy room.

-PARTIAL TUNING: Unlike standard electronic tuners, Miso Tuner allows users to tune partials. Brand new strings and worn out old strings are notoriously difficult to tune. This is because the partials produced by the string are not in their ideal positions relative to the fundamental frequency. Miso Strobe Tuner's strobe simulation allows the user to tune each of these partials independently to achieve perfect intonation, as well as see when it's time to change strings.

-FAST RESPONSE, HUGE RANGE: Miso Strobe Tuner's strobe simulation technology gives lag-free response over a large range of frequencies, making it suitable for tuning drums, bass, and other instruments normally requiring special equipment.

-ADJUSTABLE REFERENCE PITCH: Miso Strobe Tuner's strobe simulation technology provides support for alternative values for the reference pitch A4.

-AFFORDABLE: Why spend thousands on a bulky mechanical strobe tuner? Now the same unmatched accuracy is available on your mobile device.

iPod touch users will require an external microphone or headset.

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