Metronome: Tempo


by Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.

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Publisher's Description

Tempo gives you the features you really need without sacrificing usability. Its engine is written from the ground up for high accuracy and stability. Over that is wrapped an attractive, simple and yet comprehensive single-screen interface. It keeps going even when the screen is locked, making it a useful aid for live drumming. Tempo was our first app to be featured by Apple on the iTunes App Store, in March 2009.


  • 30 different time signatures, including compound and complex meters
  • 6 rhythm patterns for simple meters and 3 for compound meters
  • Visual feedback in the form of pulsating LEDs, option to flash entire screen on first beat
  • Landscape or Portrait Presentation
  • Optional pendulum animation
  • Optional background playback while multi-tasking on iOS 4
  • Customize accents to create more complex rhythms
  • Tap tempo function
  • Tempo ranges from 10 to 800
  • Store presets in multiple setlists
  • Share and backup setlists via iTunes File Sharing
  • Choose from 6 sound sets: Digital, Analog, Rock Kit Shaker and Pro
  • Italian tempo marking
  • Tuner via
  • playback of all 12 pitches
  • Plays over iPhone music
  • Retina Display support.

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