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DJ and perform with iTunes tracks, drum machines, synth, effects and more.


Are you ½ producer and ½ DJ? Outgrown the abilities of 2 virtual decks, digital wax and a mixer? 

meta.DJ is for the modern DJ and lets you blend your iTunes music tracks* with drum machine beats, sound fx, synthesized instrument parts, mix effects like delays, stutters, filters and more! Each iTunes track can get it's own reusable Cue and Loop presets, to let you work the track to the fullest.

All from an easy-to-use touch interface. meta.DJ gives you:

Quad device support - tracks, loops, instruments and more

Use of up to 4 virtual devices at any one time. Use any combination of devices during your set including Track Decks (to DJ iTunes tracks) plus Looptastic, SaMPL3R and drumtron instruments based on grüvtron technology.

iDJ LIve support and cue monitor

Numark iDJ Live hardware DJ controller and headphone dual-mono Cue support.

Track decks

Load your track into a Track Deck and breath new life into your library.

• iTunes Integration

Easily import and DJ with tracks from your iTunes library*.

Bulk import of multiple iTunes tracks at once. Grab a whole playlist.

Automatic BPM Detection

Automatic tempo detection plus x2, /2 and Beat Grid adjustment tools let you nail down those tricky tracks.

• Cues/Loop Presets

Use the waveform display to help gets things just right. Playback automatically plays back on the beat.

• Auto Loop for Tracks

Use for creating Loop Presets or to quickly throw in 1/2/4/8/16/32 bar loops as you play the tracks during your Live Set!


The loop-based remix instrument for playing, mixing and adding effects to audio loops. Every loop's a fader!

• Scratch Strip interface for scratching and interactive control of loop playback

• 3 FX zones

• ACID file support

• LoopSet Editing to create your own sets with loops form Mac/PC/Audio Copy/Paste

• Metadata support for key, BPM, genre and instrument part.


A new take on the drum machine. Interactively add Kick, Snare, HiHat and build drum parts. You get NINE pounding presets of cool beats.


Based on grüvtron, SaMPL3R lets you easily add instrument parts (arpeggios, chord stabs, basses, leads, etc) to the mix in any key and morph them together. Plus a Control Strip lets you add filter and modulation to the sound. Key Mode can help you find the key of your tracks, and/or play the sound live. 

15 massive effects with XY pad control

Each Device allows up to FOUR (4) FX assigned at once. FX include Low/High Pass Filter, Gate, Stutter Loop, Stutter Stepped, Stutter gate, Bitcrusher, Flanger, Glitchy Repeater, Delay, Reverb, Pan, Compressor and Pump. All are controlled by an XY pad with "Hold" feature for setting an FX setting like a preset.

New EQ

Sets and Snaps

The ability to have multiple DJ Set Docs lets you DJ easier, by having Sets already loaded with multiple Snapshots that include the Device content (music tracks w-Cues/Loops, Instruments Presets, audio loops, etc.) plus their mix information (effects, volume level). Just drag and drop and rock the house.

*meta.DJ only supports tracks without DRM

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Plenty of effects and loops are available as in-app purchases.

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