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Remix your music with effects like More Cowbell, Beat Reverse and make free ringtones. #1 in the App Store Japan.

  1. Pick a track on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. Choose an effect and hit Remix
  3. Select where you want the ringtone to start and hit Save.

Note: This works on any song without copy protection.

Mashtone is powered by The Echo Nest, a music and audio intelligence company started by two MIT Media Lab kids.

Here are some of the audio effects you can use:

  • More Cowbell - add a rhythmic cowbell on the beat to any song. 
  • Big Fill - Add the manic drummer from the 80s to your tune.
  • Extra Beat - turn a danceable 4/4 tune into a song with an extra beat, by repeating the last beat of each measure.
  • Beat Reverse - Play a tune backwards, beat by beat.

Note: You'll need to use iTunes to associate the ringtone with a contact on your phone.

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