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Localshow.tv presents a promising approach to music discovery and finding local concerts, albeit with a few holes. This free web app (also available as a "glorified bookmark"-style Chrome app and compatible with Google TV) accesses the user's physical location in order to determine a list of artists that are playing upcoming shows in the surrounding area and provides a playlist of videos from these artists. While watching the videos, one can use localshow.tv's relatively simple interface to access basic information about the artist as well as the date and location of the upcoming show. I'm pretty impressed by the simplicity and intuitiveness of localshow.tv's approach here, but there are a few things I'm left wanting. First off, the service purports that the user can buy tickets to upcoming shows simply by clicking their ticket icon, but this simply wasn't the case in my experience. While it's probably true that localshow.tv does allow you to purchase tickets to some shows, I found none in all the time I spent kicking around the app. I'd also like a little more control over the types of music I'm seeing. The only options given to filter the playlist are "all music" and "alternative"¬ónot at all comprehensive or conducive to actually narrowing down the stream of music to artists I actually like. For the casual music fan this may be fine, but for those more serious, having this little control over the playlist presents a real limit to the amount of mileage we might get out of this thing. If the developers spend some time refining localshow.tv's interactions with the user, we'll have a unique and very useful app here. As it stands now, however, its novelty far outweighs its practicality. -Andy Cush

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localshow.tv plays non-stop music videos by the bands with upcoming concerts in your city. When you see a band you like, click on the ticket button and you can purchase tickets for the concert! We make it simple and fun to turn your computer or television into a launchpad for discovering the concerts happening near you. We think live music is the best musical experience there is. Nothing recorded comes close. That's why we made a Smart TV channel that works on Google TV and Chrome Browsers that would help people discover the concerts that are going to happen in their city. Not only is live music a ton of fun, but it's also the best way to connect with the artists you love. When you get a concert ticket, a large percentage of the price goes directly to the artist, so live music is even the best way to support your favorite artists. We also know that a concert is more fun when you go with your friends, so we built in some social features to make it easy to notify your friends about upcoming shows. localshow.tv is a free app that you can use from any web browser, but where we really shine is on a Smart TV device, like the one you might have in your living room. Just sit on your couch, fire up localshow.tv, and check out the music that is most relevant to you.

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