Lady Gaga Revenge


by Tapulous


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When does 1+1=1?

When you take LADY GAGA, the number one recording artist in over 20 countries and add Tap Tap Revenge, the number one most-downloaded game on the App Store, you get Lady Gaga Revenge, the soon-to-be number one premium Tap Tap Revenge title, and the latest in a string of hit releases from Tapulous.

Lady Gaga, the creator of the chart-topping album "The Fame," is all about high-quality dance-pop and cutting edge style. And now she has the ultimate fashion accessory: her very own Tap Tap Revenge game. Lady Gaga Revenge brings the party to the iPhone with new themes, graphics, and effects inspired by the imagery and energy of Lady Gaga's videos and albums. Other special features in this exciting new release include:

- For the first time ever, the "Boss" tracks at the end of each level feature horizontal game play with 4 RAILS!! Like other great artists over the centuries (think, Degas, Van Gogh...), the programmers at Tapulous have entered their landscape period, and things will never be the same; 

- 14 Lady Gaga tracks taken from the multi-platinum "The Fame," including 4 red-hot remixes, all with a gorgeous look and feel that matches that Lada Gaga magic; 

- 4 addictive difficulty levels, each with unlockable boss tracks; 

- Lady Gaga news feed, ever-increasing stability, multi-player mode, and Facebook Connect to broadcast your high scores to the world!

Track List:

  • Paparazzi
  • Starstruck
  • Poker Face
  • LoveGame
  • Boys Boys Boys
  • LoveGame (Robots to Mars Remix)
  • Money Honey
  • Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix)
  • The Fame
  • Just Dance
  • I Like It Rough
  • Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  • Just Dance (Glam As You Club Mix)
  • Poker Face (Glam As You Club Mix)

New York's own Lady Gaga began her musical journey moving through the downtown avant-garde art scene, developing her own electronic cabaret show before evolving into a songwriter for Interscope Records and artists including Britney Spears and Fergie. Drawing inspiration from David Bowie and Queen, she channeled forty years of club beats, rock and roll extravagance, and disco glam into "The Fame," and has gained legions of fans on every continent. Lady Gaga is less a "singer" and more an artistic movement. She expresses herself through her music, style, performance, and vision, and we are thrilled she recognized our app as the newest form of delivering a musical experience.

Check out Lady Gaga Revenge and you'll realize Tap Tap Revenge knows how to treat a Lady.


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