How To Drum


by Ben Long


Publisher's Description

Learn How to Drum with free lessons and a metronome.

Practice your finger drumming skills in jam mode! Expand your drum collection with the Percussion, Electronic and HipHop kits. 

Play your way to greatness with this useful tool and fun toy!

♬ Drum Tips 
Improve your playing with pro drumming tips. Learn about equipment and technique as well as practice routines. Whether your a beginner or pro, this guide will help

♬ Metronome 
Choose a tempo and time signature as well as click sound. Improve your rhythmic accuracy! Now you'll have a metronome to use all the time.

♬ FreeJam 
Have fun with some finger drumming! Tap along to 8 different music tracks and impress your friends, family and pets! Listening to music is a skill in itself, and simply playing along can help you become a better drummer.

HTD was created to help:
✭ Improve your drumming
✭ Enhance your sound quality 
✭ Master different music genres


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