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This and other music apps were used by Damon Albarn to record the Gorillaz record "The Fall."

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Gliss lets you play sound files and mix them easily by drawing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With gliss you can load your sounds and draw them on the gliss sequencer in a quick, intuitive way that lets you make music on the fly. Play your mix using a tempo or scrub through by tilting your iPhone. The agility of gliss allows you to improvise and perform using the iPhone as a controller and interface. Launch gliss and experience an hybrid of a sequencer, a game, an instrument and a generative music system. Put sound under your fingertips with 5 different colors to draw notes, sequences and sounds. Users giving us less stars might have expected a cheap version of yet another 16 step sequencer. Be prepared for a different approach on sound creation. ... List of features: - 5 colors to draw different sounds / samples / voices - sample upload via wifi - sample playback in different pitches using various scales - physical tilt-controlled playhead, which adapts movements of the hand - physical randomization option: control random pitches with the phone's tilt - muting voices - glissandi over several octaves - free or grid enabled placement of notes - drifting selections - saving / opening of projects - let your mp3s play in the background using iPhone's standard iPod App - multiple sheets to draw your sounds on

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