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by Sensible Code


Publisher's Description

There's lots of free and legal music online, once you know where to find it. Free Music Download Pro lets you discover and download free music, audiobooks or podcasts, you can then listen to them right on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Features full portrait & landscape mode support.

Web browser

  • Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
  • Tap and hold to force download
  • Full screen mode
  • Bookmark manager
  • History support
  • Address bar auto-completion
  • HTTP basic authentication
  • Form-based authentication
  • Integrated Google or Yahoo search
  • Ability to spoof browser's User-Agent string to display web pages like Firefox

Download manager

  • Fast downloading speed
  • Supports resuming of interrupted downloads reliably
  • Live download progress bar and speed indicator
  • Active downloads badge number
  • Add arbitrary download link

File manager

  • Folders support
  • Move, rename and delete files
  • Search by file name
  • Extract RAR archives
  • Unzip ZIP files

Music player

  • Music playback of .aac, .wav, .mp3 and .m4a formats
  • Repeat and shuffle songs
  • Audio playback continues with the screen locked
  • Playlist support
  • Display album artwork embedded in .mp3
  • AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)
  • iTunes File Sharing

Mobile Safari Integration

  • Bookmarklet for Mobile Safari that lets you open any link in FreeMusic app


  • Background audio
  • Background downloading

Inter-app document interchange

  • Other apps open their files in FreeMusic app (e.g. Email app can save attachments to FreeMusic app)

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