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  • Listen to your music the way you usually do and videos will stream down from flip.fm and synchronize to it!
  • Flip through videos for your song while your music doesn't skip a beat
  • Lyrics synchronized to your music
  • Incredible video recording effects like Bulge, Squeeze and Distort!
  • Spotify integration
  • Mash your videos together to create a one-click compilation

Loaded with tons of amazing visual effects, flip.fm is a fun new way to create, share, and watch music videos of your favorite songs. At its core is a powerful synchronization technology that allows you to enjoy your music the way you usually do but enhances your experience by playing videos that are synchronized to your songs. You can create a music video for a part of any song by tapping record and singing or dancing along. No sound is shared, just a silent video is uploaded that matches perfectly to the song. Since no sound is shared, no music is copied and copyrights are respected.

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