by Cody Williams


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Who has your ear?


Share and comment on songs and videos from all artists and genres with your

family and friends on Facebook and Twitter by answering the question – “Who

has your ear?”


EarHead is an exciting and expressive music sharing application that gives

you an opportunity to share and comment on new music and music videos that

you can’t get out of your Head as well as relive your favorite music moments

by reminiscing on those classics that will forever and always have your Ear. In

addition, discover who has the Ears’ of your favorite music artists/bands, DJ’s,

and celebrities.




• Music Sharing – effortlessly identify and share “Who has your ear?” with

family and friends


• Music Video Sharing - seamlessly identify and share the music videos that

capture your vibe every time


•Music Search – effortlessly search for music and music videos by artist(s)

name and/or title


•Facebook and Twitter Compatible – connect your account to your


•Facebook and/or Twitter account to share your “Grapevine” with your

friends and followers ("Heard it through the Grapevine")


iTunes Compatible – iTunes provides song and video previews and you

can purchase and download or send to family and friends


Compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad that is running iOS 6 or



Follow and Receive live tweets from Earhead's twitter account -




•“EarHead is the 'Twittergram' of music sharing applications!”


•“If Pandora and Twitter had a baby, it would be called EarHead!”


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