Drum Machine Legends


by One Glove Apps

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Drum Machine Legends brings you six kits from the most legendary drum machines of all time. The Lin Drum, SP1200, TR 808, Obrhm DX, MPC 60 and the TR 707.

DML is easy to use for full production with sounds that One Glove Apps has handpicked and processed to get the most out of their original machines. Quantize your beats, mix, choose tempo and layer sounds from different kits. One Glove has also added some new original sounds for the sampler kits (MPC and SP1200). Save your beats, share, and email as wav files. It's simple to set your loop length, tempo and quantize your beats. Just open up Drum Machine Legends and begin producing now!

12 touch pads
6 drum kits (Lin Drum, SP 1200, Roland TR 808, Oberhm DX, MPC 60 and the Roland TR 707)
Easy to use interface
Quantizer with 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 setting
Mixer to adjust the levels of each pad
Tempo adjust in real time
Save/Open beats
Share beats by emailing a wav file
Custom high quality and processed sounds
Metronome in record mode
Count in 1 bar or 2 bars
Interchangeable skins to correspond to each kit
Set your loop length to 1, 2, 4, or 8 bars
Sounds created by Producer/DJ Oligee.

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