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by Charlie Roberts

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Control is a necessity for MIDI and OSC fans on either Android or iOS. A sparse program, it allows users access to the motion and touch sensors in their device for use of transmitting wireless MIDI: gyro, compass, accelerometer, even multitouch can be used with Control to send scaleable data to different destinations over wifi. The opposite is true as well as Control can receive commands from a network computer, making the app a godsend for Max or Puredata programmers, MIDI DJs, etc. The interfaces are simple and intuitive yet, as the app is nearly infinitely explorable, a huge wealth of walkthroughs and assistance is available on the publisher's site. As a free, open source app, Control is perfect for music hackers of all breeds.

Publisher's Description

"Control enables users to create their own interfaces for controlling musical, artistic and virtual reality applications. It is built on top of Apple's WebKit rendering engine and allows users to define their interfaces via JSON files. Features include: - Outputs both Wireless MIDI and Open Sound Control (OSC) - Bi-directional communication: use Control to set values on your computer, use your computer to set values in Control - Dynamically add and manipulate widgets via OSC messages - Reads and outputs data from Accelerometer, Gyro and Compass sensors (on applicable devices) with adjustable update rates - The ability to script behaviors for widgets using JavaScript - Auto-discovery of wireless networks via Bonjour - Interfaces can be pushed to the phone via OSC or downloaded from the web - Supports both portrait and landscape interface orientations - Interfaces work on both iPhones and iPads - Free NOTE: If you've never used wireless MIDI or OSC before, Control (and all other wireless MIDI / OSC apps) will have a little bit of a learning curve to get started. Please visit the Control support website!"

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