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CanOpener was designed to make listening to music on headphones better. With comprehensive audio processing controls & metering, CanOpener allows you to fine-tune the listening experience for your own ears, headphones, and personal tastes.

Crossfeed CanOpener’s crossfeed algorithm allows your headphones to behave a bit more like speakers. The design, a result of extensive research and listening tests, incorporates several broad characteristics of an ideal loudspeaker setup, creating a more spacious, natural soundstage over headphones.

Equalizer A gorgeous-sounding, touchable EQ enables intuitive, flexible tone shaping.

Dosimeter and loudness metering For supported headphone models, CanOpener can measure precisely how loud you are listening, helping you monitor your listening habits and protect your hearing.


Play your existing iTunes library with CanOpener, no importing

Proprietary crossfeed algorithm

Mastering-grade baxandall equalizer

Extensive monitoring controls


dB SPL prediction & dosimeter

Crossfeed and EQ presets

True decibel volume control

FLAC support

Gapless playback

64-bit digital audio path

Sample rates up to 96 kHz

CanOpener is made by Devin Kerr and Rob Stenson. Devin Kerr is an audio mastering engineer who studied Sound Engineering (B.S.) and Media Art (M.A.) at the University of Michigan and has conducted research on timbral ear training, human hearing and psychoacoustics, and spatial audio processors. Stenson studied architectural history and computer science at Columbia University, and has been building interfaces ever since, most recently at Twitter as a Senior Software Engineer.

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