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We are ecstatic to introduce our first iphone app! 


BandadesMusic has created a great reference tool for beginner to intermediate guitarists. We wanted to create an app that gets you to where you need to be to be able to play with other guitarists. So we walk you through the process of playing along with a jam track. We provide a thorough explanation of the Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scale. We also show you how to use the Circle of Fifths to make your chord progressions. We at BANDADESMUSIC would love to hear Rock and Blues music live on and thrive through the fingers of our users. So Learn, Practice, and Play. 


Bandades app Features…


Jam tracks

-Practice shredding the most common lead guitar scales to the 6 very different jam tracks ranging from Acoustic Rock to Metal to Blues. Each track can be transposed into every key of the chromatic scale. 


Circle of Fifths

-For those of us who like to create our own songs, a quick reference of the Circle of Fifths can be very helpful. Use the Circle of Fifths to make your chord progressions sound flawless. Our Bandades app will walk you through the process and explain why it works.



-Scroll down the fret board to reference the Minor Pentatonic and the Blues Scale, the same scales that are printed on our Bandades Removable Decals. The scale tab also includes a thorough explanation of what scales are, how to practice them and how to play along with our jam tracks or other guitarists. 


How to Video

-We have also included a how to video to easily explain the concept behind playing lead guitar, and quickly demonstrating the Bandades method of practice. 

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