AVR-Remote for Denon/Marantz


by Andreas Pillath


Publisher's Description

Simple remote control for network connected Denon and Marantz receivers. Your phone and receiver must be connected to the same WLAN router to use this application. Supported models: - Denon AVR 990, 991, 1912, 2112, 2312, 3310, 3311, 3312, 3806, 3808, 4306, 4308, 4310, 4311 4806, 4810, 5308, 5805 and A1HDA - Marantz SR-7005 Models without network interface are not supported. This is experimental software. Try it on your own risk. This application is not affiliated with Denon or Marantz. Denon and Marantz are registered trademarks of D&M Holdings, Inc.

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