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--- What is Audio Audit for?---

>>>Test quality of headphones, speakers and other audio device

>>> Check crossover frequency for the subwoofer setting

>>> Invaluable when choosing headphones or audio equipment in the shop - really plays everything as sales man says or writes the manufacturer?

>>> Sell audio equipment and want to show your customers? You can use Audio Audit.

>>> Do you have new speakers or audio equipment? Use Audio Audit for Burning-in

>>> Are you a DJ? Sound technician? Test your audio system and space whenever you need it. 

Surely you will find other possibilities. If you´re missing some features, please contact us and we will add it to update.

--- How to use Audio Audit? ---

*** Tone - Generator of sinusoidal frequency

Find the frequency on which realy start play your headphones or speakers. In the ideal case should be heard all frequencies without sudden increase or decrease of volume - the best test is SEEK (Swept Sine). If you are using a subwoofer, you'll find the frequency at which you should have used speakers.

*** Stereo - Adjusting of the stereo base

Make sure you have correctly connected or built speakers. The sound should gradually "wandering" in the right direction, or just play from the specified direction.

*** Phase - Indication of inverted phase

This is not for the headphones. Use Only for the speakers. Are the cables connected properly? If everything is okay, normal phase is pleasant to listen - sound is unpleseant when the phase is inverted. If you place the speakers in invert phase closer and facing each other, there is a significant volume decrease.

*** Noise - generates different types of noise

Use Audio Audit as a reference tone generator to check frequency responses or the adverse influence of room.

> white noise - It can also be used for meditation,

> Pink noise - It can also be used for burning in drivers

> Brown noise - use to check subwoofer phase issues. It can also be used for burning in midrange and bass drivers.

> Filtered Noise - White noise, which is adapted to the anatomy of the human ear.

> Silent noise – „empty record“ – if you hear something else then just a quiet noise, something is wrong

*** Music - contains six test records without compression for assessment of audio quality

Six test tracks - try, how can your speakers or headphones play different types of music.

*** Microphone

Easy tool for ambient measurement with graphics precise indicators.

We wish you many beautiful audio moments with our application and of course your audio system.

--- Key features of the application ---


determine the frequency range loudspeaker systems

finding the frequency characteristics of the audio set

control stereo base, left channel plays on the left and right channel on the right side

finding the balance of the right and left channel (play left and right side equally loud?) 

detection of parasitic resonances and disturbing sounds
- detection of inverted phases

burn-in speakers (The new speakers are recomended to burn-in. For this purpose you can use one of the available noise.) 

test the sound quality after adjustment

all sounds are uncompressed ("it´s pure") audio files: PCM 44100Hz, 16bit, 2channel (stereo)

CD Quality
- sound level can be controlled only by hardware buttons on the device

Simply it´s reference application. 

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