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★ The easiest to use, best sounding amp & effects app! ★

★ Huge gear selection ★

★ Universal: buy gear just once and use on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch ★ 

★ Optimized for iPhone 5, awesome on iPad Mini & iPad Retina ★

AmpKit transforms your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a powerful guitar amp & effects studio! Just attach your electric guitar or bass using an interface like Peavey AmpKit LiNK & rock out!

This free version of AmpKit comes with a great-sounding 2-channel Peavey ValveKing amp, 2 ValveKing cabinets (4x12 & 1x12), noise gate, overdrive pedal, and 2 mics. The in-app Gear Store lets you browse & buy an amazing selection of additional gear: a total of 38 amp channels in 22 separate amps, 26 pedals, 28 cabinets and 8 mics. The Gear Store offers discounted bundles to help you expand your gear library economically. No other app can match the gear selection or tone quality that you'll find in AmpKit. 


★ By far the most intuitive, easy-to-use app of its kind, for beginner and expert alike

★ All AmpKit gear is accurately modeled after highly-sought-after, real-world guitar gear

★ Thunderously accurate high gain amps & effects, no other app comes close for hard rock & metal tone

★ 2-stage amp modeling, convolution-based cabs and positional mics deliver the ultimate in realistic tone on both clean & high-gain setups

★ Enjoy total effects freedom: add up 32 pedals per setup on newer iOS devices, place pedals anywhere in the effects chain, use the same pedal several times such as multiple delays or phasers

★ Mix & match amps, cabinets & mics for virtually unlimited tone permutations

★ Background Audio: AmpKit can run in the background, great for using with other guitar apps like GuitarToolkit & TabToolkit

★ Sophisticated recording capabilities with non-destructive re-amping, and easily share your recordings via Copy-Paste, SoundCloud and email

★ A massive collection of presets: 132 in total, with easy setup sharing via email

★ World-class bass amplification: feature-rich Trace Elliot and Ashdown® models

★ Gorgeous look & feel with full Retina graphics, simple & fun to use with convenience features like Favorites, QuickJump, & Setup Locking

★ Jam along to your iTunes music library or upload your own backing tracks

★ Works with virtually all headset & dock guitar interfaces

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Ashdown is a registered trademark of Ashdown Design and Marketing Ltd.


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iPhone & iPad $0.00 None
This free version of AmpKit comes with the following gear: - Peavey ValveKing amp (clean and lead channels) - Two ValveKing cabinets (4x12 and 1x12) - Two pedals (Noise Gate, Elevenizer overdrive pedal) - Two mics An amazing array of additional gear is available for purchase through AmpKit's in-app Gear Store, for a total of: - 19 amps with 35 separate amp channels, each modeled after the actual circuitry of amplifiers from leading manufacturers. - 22 effects pedals, including tremolo, distortion, fuzz, reverb, delay, 10-band EQ, octaver, flanger, phaser, vibrato, chorus, boost, compressor, overdrive, and an all-in-one envelope filter + auto-wah + manual wah with accelerometer tilt support. - 20 cabinets - 8 mics - More gear on the way

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